Maria Udovydchenko

Maria Udovydchenko

Archivist, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Arhivarka, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Maria Udovydchenko is a curator, researcher, and archivist. Since 2018 till nowadays works as the Archive Keeper in the Archive of Contemporary Art Museum GARAGE in the branch at Saint Petersburg. The main research interest of Maria Udovydchenko is the history of Russian graffiti and Street art. She collaborates with Street art Research Institute (St. Petersburg) preparing educational programs, including lecture courses and discussions, involves as the science editor and author of theoretical texts.

15:00 - 16:00
Kino Šiška


1) Adris Díaz Fernández, Rodrigo Ledesma Gómez & Ana Cristina García Luna: The Systematization and Classification of the Mural Works Produced by the CALLEGENERA Urban Expressions Festival: A Case Study
2) Maria Udovydchenko: Street Art and Graffiti Archives in Private and Institutional Collections: Ephemeral Documentation
3) Gabriele Boero: The Restoration of 1984 Pieces by Delta 2 and Phase 2 in Quattordio, Italy: A Burning Debate

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