Jasper van Es

Jasper van Es

Curator, Co-founder of PAPERJAM & founder of MrVains foundation
kurator, soustanovitalj PAPERJAM in ustanovitelj fundacije MrVains

Jasper van Es is active as a curator and creative producer in the field of urban art and art in public space. Both on assignment and on his own initiative, Jasper has organized dozens of exhibitions, public interventions and installations, workshops, lectures and other cultural events. He also give lectures on the topics of graffiti and Urban Art. Together with Maud Bongers he co-founded the creative agency PAPERJAM, that focuses on creating and promoting cultural events, exhibitions and art installations all mainly in public space. With his foundation MrVains he supports urban interventions and events, specifically graffiti. The goal is to inspire and motivate the Urban Art community through supporting and initiating inspiring events and projects. He organized talks, screenings and produced the Unlock Bookfair and Tag Conference in 2018 in Amsterdam. Since the end of 2019 he is part of the creative council of urban platform Emoves where he focuses on the Urban Art and Graffiti.

18:00 - 20:30
Kino Šiška

FORM(AT) | PANEL 2 | Prakse samoarhiviranja – od knjig do družbenih medijev

Predstavitve umetnikov: The Miha Artnak, Good Guy Boris, Epos 257 in Jasper van Es. Sledi moderiran pogovor.

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