Marco Proserpio

Marco Proserpio

film director

Italian director Marco Proserpio has been involved in lm, television and advertising since the age of 20, when he started working at MTV Italia. Soon after leaving MTV he started directing for television, short lms and commercials. His corporate clients include Pirelli, Campari, Jeep, Diesel, Sony. In November 2016, Proserpio directed the film The Story Of Our Guardians produced by Balich Worldwide Shows for the 45th UAE National Day. His most recent projects include the short film Toys and the feature documentary The Man Who Stole Banksy.

19:00 - 19:30
Kino Šiška Center for Urban Culture

FORM(AT) | PANEL 8 | Exhibiting Street Art

The screening of The Man Who Stole Banksy will be followed by a discussion with curator Stefano S. Antonelli and the director of the film, moderated by Good Guy Boris.

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