Gabriele Boero

Gabriele Boero

Graduate Student, Genoa University

Gabriele Boero is a Graduate student from Genoa University. He attended the SAUC Conference in Lisbon in 2018, participated in the TAG Conference in Amsterdam (2018) and the Rebel Street Conference in Tours (2019).

15:00 - 16:00
Kino Šiška Center for Urban Culture

FORM(AT) | PANEL 3 | Challenging the Ephemeral

1) Adris Díaz Fernández, Rodrigo Ledesma Gómez & Ana Cristina García Luna: The Systematization and Classification of the Mural Works Produced by the CALLEGENERA Urban Expressions Festival: A Case Study
2) Maria Udovydchenko: Street Art and Graffiti Archives in Private and Institutional Collections: Ephemeral Documentation
3) Gabriele Boero: The Restoration of 1984 Pieces by Delta 2 and Phase 2 in Quattordio, Italy: A Burning Debate

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