cute agression (Taja Štembergar)

cute agression (Taja Štembergar)


cute agression (Taja Štembergar) belongs to the younger generation of artists and has recently graduated from the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana. She is focusing on digital art and VJ-ing. At last year’s MENT Festival she performed with the producer and DJ gl.ysten. She is also a member of the “V2V'' community and a participant in the 2020 Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory.

cute agression (Taja Štembergar) je umetnica mlajše generacije, maturantka Srednje šole za oblikovanje in fotografijo v Ljubljani. Ukvarja se z digitalno umetnostjo in Vj-anjem. S producentom in DJ-em gl.ysten je nastopala na lanskem festivalu MENT. Je tudi članica skupnosti “V2V” ter udeleženka lanskoletnega Laboratorija Svetlobne Gverile. foto @ DK

18:00 - 12:00
Metelkova (Gala Hala)


Before and after exhibition opening everyone is welcome to refresh on the summer garden of Gala Hala and to witness an unique fusion. V2V is moving from the hackers' quarters of Ljudmila's lab back into the open! In a one-evening group performance, representatives of the local graffiti, DJ and VJ scene will line up on the summer stage of Gala Hala. The event will be a mash-up of two artistic disciplines coming together at nightfall. A quartet of VJs and three DJs will accompany the graffiti writers with audio-reactive visualisations, created by four graffiti artists in black-and-white style. More >>

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