Ljiljana Radosević

Ljiljana Radosević

Ph.D. Candidate, University Jyvaskyla
doktorska študentka, University Jyvaskyla

Ljiljana Radosević is an art historian who started researching graffiti and street art in 2000. She is most familiar with the local scene in Belgrade, Serbia, but has also conducted research in most major cities in Europe during her PhD research. She is in the final stages of her PhD and is the author of the first Belgrade graffiti and street art exhibitions in VR.

15:00 - 16:00
Kino Šiška


1) Konstantinos Avramidis: The Politics of Collecting and Preserving Architecture and Graffiti: Notes on an Atlas of Drawings and Writings
2) Laura Luque Rodrigo & Carmen Moral Ruiz: The Complex Task of Cataloguing Street and Public Art: A Methodology Applied In Works in Jaén (Spain)
3) Ljiljana Radosević: Urban Heritage Hub Case Study: New Life of Street Art in Virtual Reality

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